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Custom Design Fees

Custom Design Fees

The pruchase of this product services as purchase of time credit to be used towards custom design services based on our discussions. Please select the number of hours as per our discussions. 

  • Terms & Conditions:

    By paying for this invoice you agree to the following Terms of Service: The amount of time mentioned in the description portion of this invoice is the total time credit (TC) you will receive towards your time credit balance (TCB) after a payment is made for this invoice. The TC indicated in this invoice is valid for 7 days after this invoice is sent to you and can be used towards services Rudra Chauhan provides. During the validity period of your TC, your TCB will be maintained and updated by Rudra Chauhan. When your TC has expired, any services Rudra Chauhan is providing you will be stopped. You may request additional TC to resume the services. In case Rudra Chauhan has to decline and/or stop providing services to you during the validity period of the TC based on this invoice, you may request a refund for your remaining TC. In order to reschedule a scheduled meeting, a request must be sent via email in order to discuss a new date, time and duration available within the validity period of the TC in this invoice. You will not be eligible for a refund or reschedule if the request is not made at least 24 hours before the prior scheduled meeting’s start time. Rescheduling is not guaranteed and will depend on Rudra Chauhan’s availability. Rudra Chauhan does not provide refunds for any unused TC in your TCB which expires after 7 days of this invoice being sent to you. Rudra Chauhan reserves the right to modify any aspect of this agreement per his discretion prior to or after payment is made for this invoice. Rudra Chauhan may deem void any remaining TC should there be any forms of harassment, pressure, negative remarks, abuse or violence. Rudra Chauhan does not consent to any video / audio meetings being recorded for any purposes.

  • Payment Options:

    If you would like to pay using other methods, or have questions please contact us.

PriceFrom $69.00
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